Armadillo Droppings

$ 19.95

The Story of Armadillo Droppings

On a ranch not far from Bandera, Texas, Old Maria was mixing pralines in the big black iron kettle on the old ranch stove, when two pesky armadillos knocked over the trashcan. By the time Maria had run off them rascally critters, the pralines had gone a cookin' much longer and browner then usual, and when the cowboys came in for dinner and saw all them little pralines in row, Slim drawled "Whatcha got there, Maria? Armadillo Droppings?"

...and so a Texas tradition was born - bitelicious dark brown sugar pecan pralines!!


Ingredients: Pecans, Corn Syrup, Sugars, Butter, Margarine (partially hydrogenated soybean oil), Milk (low fat),Salt,Glycerol Monostearate (emulsifier),Natural & Artificial Flavors. Allergy Information: Shares equipment with products containing peanuts and tree nuts. Contains pecans, milk & soybean.